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Essential Quick Tip: Kerning

Most of us haven’t the slightest idea what kerning is. Hell most people, even if they did know, wouldn’t think twice about it. BUT, for those of us out there that are pixel junkies, and can understand what a huge difference something like type spacing can make in your final product, this is a great […]

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Instagram: Nashville Filter Tutorial

Step 1 Open your image in Photoshop and double-click on the background layer to make it into a layer. Name that layer Nashville Step 2 Create a new layer and fill it with the color (#f7d9ad). Leave the opacity at 100%, and change your blending options to “Multiply”. Step 3 Click back on the “Nashville” […]

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Digital ME

I began with a picture from my webcam, to ensure the most symmetrical position possible. -Not the most stunning picture, albeit. But it works! I then created a rough sketch in Adobe Illustrator, which was the basis of my work. From here I used the wonderful world of Illustrator to further shape and define each […]

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Abuzeedo Fur Effect Tutorial and Subsequent Rogaine Rebrand

So this tutorial wasn’t really too difficult at all and the result is pretty cool. I didn’t follow his steps exactly. I first took a picture of my dog’s fur to use as my texture, which came out awesome, then I made my own brush as well. If I get time between now and finals […]

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